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Global Capacity has delivered One Marketplace™ into Platform Equinix, enabling customers to transact for optimal network connectivity. Equinix operates as a critical connection point for the market where applications and networks converge. One Marketplace leverages an interconnected network aggregation platform with a suite of innovative user applications combined to streamline and simplify the process of designing, pricing, procuring and delivering data connectivity solutions. This solution gives customers access to One Marketplace’s unique application intelligence with the ability to source network connectivity over a physical interconnect, coupled with the automation of pricing and delivery.

Equinix’s dense interconnection platform includes nearly 100 data centers and 4,000 customers around the world. The partnership with Global Capacity enables customers to architect network solutions with network performance hubs at key data center and network aggregation locations with access to the hundreds of physical networks within the Equinix data centers. Customers can also access Global Capacity’s interconnect services to automate design, price and execution for optimal network connectivity.


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