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Partner Program

Global Capacity’s Partner Programs provide access to our extensive portfolio of One Marketplace™ applications and connectivity solutions, as well as Managed Services including Network Engineering, Remote Management and Field Services. Our proprietary network optimization tools are the ideal complement to any technology consultant, system integrator, or Value-Added Reseller (VAR), offering the ability to analyze networks in order to create both financial and physical efficiencies that drive cost-savings and EBITDA improvement. There is no other provider in the market today that offers a comparable CaaS platform to Global Capacity. Global Capacity is the only company focused on delivering automation and efficiency in the highly fragmented data connectivity market.


Benefits to Partners

  • Connectivity to over 9.6 million US and 40 million global addresses
  • Wide selection of access technologies for maximum performance and flexibility
  • Reliable, secure, and direct cloud connectivity
  • Award-winning applications for easy pricing, ordering, and service management
  • Team of dedicated professionals that ensure your success

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Program Options Available

Referral Partner

Referral Partners earn a one-time commission for each new product and service opportunity referred by them and contracted by Global Capacity. Whether you are an equipment vendor, data center provider, Cloud provider, VAR, or System Integrator, the Global Capacity Referral Program is the right choice in helping your company earn additional revenue and offer complimentary network services nearly anywhere in the U.S. as well as across the globe.  Learn More 



Agents earn ongoing commissions at a pre-determined percentage of the monthly recurring revenue for signed Global Capacity services with their accounts. Our Agent Program provides Agents and Master Agents with access to the company’s extensive portfolio of One Marketplace applications, network services and support solutions, including Network Engineering, Remote Management and Field Services. Learn More

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