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Engineering Services

Global Capacity’s Engineering Services provide customers with the end-to-end technical expertise, market insight and logistical support to design and provision private transport networks, from strategic planning and design, through staging, installation, test, turn-up, and operations hand-off. Our experienced engineers understand today’s dynamic network needs and serve as an extension of customers’ existing IT and communications teams to optimize performance and deliver a secure, dedicated network that meets their unique business needs.


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What can I expect from Global Capacity Engineering Services?

  • Experience across hundreds of projects ensures reduced risk, accelerated deployment and high-quality workmanship
  • Project-based model offers significant cost savings over dedicated in-house project management and engineering staff
  • Outsourced project model enables internal IT teams to focus on their core business
  • Expertise across multiple transport technologies and vendors
  • Custom network design capabilities
  • Efficient deployment of new services
  • Ability to leverage Global Capacity’s vendor relationships to decrease network deployment costs

Options and Features

Service Options
• Engineering (design)
• Furnishing (equipment and materials)
• Installation
• Test and turn-up of private networks

• Network architecture and design
• Equipment and material procurement, installation and configuration
• Site readiness assessment and engineering
• Fiber testing and certification, including baseline performance analysis and optimization
• Network staging and certification


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