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Ethernet Access

E-Access services solve the industry challenge that no one service provider has ubiquitous geographic coverage.  Thru its innovative One Marketplace platform, Global Capacity interconnects with Ethernet suppliers to build a network of networks to solve the common industry challenges of scalability, cost, reliability, speed and reach.  Global Capacity offers Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF) Carrier Ethernet (CE) 2.0 certified Ethernet Access (E-Access) service across its entire footprint leveraging interconnections at strategic points of presence. Global Capacity provides either Ethernet Private Lines (EPLs) or Ethernet Virtual Private Lines (EVPLs) Ethernet Access solutions that connect customer locations to high demand destinations including Cloud computingbusiness applications including over-the-top voice and video applications, Hybrid WANSD-WAN and the Internet


Benefits of One Marketplace Ethernet

  • Versatile portfolio of Ethernet access and core services
  • Resilient and scalable network architecture
  • ENNI interconnect for streamlined service delivery
  • Reduced time to market and improved operational efficiency
  • Direct, ubiquitous connections to the national High Performance Ethernet core
  • Broad range of bandwidth options to address connectivity needs for data, VoIP, video, Cloud computing, Hybrid WAN and MPLS VPN
  • Multiple Class of Service (CoS) options for creating application-focused services
  • One Marketplace suite of applications for services orchestration makes design, pricing, ordering, service delivery and management simple and easy
  • MEF CE 2.0 certified Ethernet services for enhanced performance, reliability and compatibility
  • Enables Ethernet Service Providers to reach out-of-franchise customer locations through Global Capacity’s One Marketplace network, and deliver E-Line and E-LAN service
  • Competitive pricing for substantial cost savings
  • Flexibility to scale services in order to meet changing business needs without major changes to existing IT infrastructures
  • Seamless extension of network coverage via a single platform
  • Proactive, 24/7 monitoring and network management
  • Single contract SLA, bill and point of contact

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E-Access Options

Ethernet Private Line (EPL) Access provides high-bandwidth solutions designed to meet critical business application needs by combining the convenience of Ethernet connectivity with the unparalleled performance of Private Line.  EPL Access service offers large bandwidth and superior performance across town or across the country so you can design your network easily, cost-effectively, and reliably.


Ethernet Virtual Private Line (EVPL) Access provides improved application performance with a dedicated, point-to-multipoint network design between multiple locations, including data centers or cloud platforms.  EVPL Access service gives businesses an Ethernet virtual circuit (EVC) between two customer locations – similar to Ethernet Private Line service – and also supports the added flexibility to multiplex multiple services (EVCs) on a single end-point location.


EVPL Access for Multi-Cloud Connect

Global Capacity’s Ethernet Multi-Cloud Connect service leverages an interconnection architecture, MEF CE 2.0 certification and software orchestration to simplify multi-Cloud connectivity and improve service performance. This approach delivers a better user experience by allowing businesses to connect to Cloud locations or select from a list of interconnected One Marketplace Cloud destinations including Amazon Web ServicesGoogle Cloud, Microsoft Azure and 200 other Cloud providers on Equinix Cloud Exchange.  Combining the reliability and flexibility of multi-destination EVPL service and Global Capacity’s One Marketplace, Ethernet Multi-Cloud Connect streamlines commercial buying across the Cloud services ecosystem.


E-Access Solutions

Internet Access
Utilizing ubiquitous local coverage to over 9.6 million commercial locations Internet Access provides a local loop to your end users over the Global Capacity high speed Ethernet backbone network.

  • Simple pricing
  • End-to-end solution
  • Flexible access
  • Quality of Service (QoS) and Performance

SD-WAN Access
Global Capacity’s SD-WAN solutions uses centrally managed edge devices placed in branch offices to establish logical connections with other branch edge devices across the physical WAN. These logical connections create secure paths across Hybrid WAN with multiple local access technologies and service providers.  SD-WAN resolves WAN problems businesses face when building and managing hybrid WANs by:

  • Reducing high cost of WAN connectivity
  • Sharing load across a mix of access connections
  • Replacing complex, static and manual configurations
  • Providing visibility and control of connections

Cloud Access
Global Capacity’s Cloud access provides a unique combination of access services, automation tools and service information to streamline and simplify the process of real-time designing, pricing, procuring and delivering connectivity solution to carry cloud data.  Whether direct connectivity to the cloud is private or public; on your network or ours the benefits of turning to One Marketplace for Cloud Access include:

  • Visibility into the availability, technology and real-time pricing of access
  • Normalized last mile delivery with local Points-of-Presence for best proximity, speed and scale
  • Aggregation of network and services for streamlined turn-up and reduced management complexity
  • Simple to use marketplace portal and robust API in support of cloud ecosystem to design, price and order in real-time

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