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Field Services

Global Capacity’s Field Services team provides a wide range of on-site services, from demarc extension, to circuit installation, test and turn-up, and service deployment. The Field Services team continues to work with your IT teams well after the service launch, providing full support and ensuring that the service meets all telecom requirements as well as industry and Global Capacity standards.


Demarc Extension

According to Federal Communications Commission (FCC) regulations, every installed telecommunications circuit must have a demarcation - or ‘demarc’ - extension, which is a transmission path between the local access provider and the edge Customer Premises Equipment (eCPE). Our experienced team of Field Service Technicians provides demarc extensions, including facility cabling, circuit validation, testing and maintenance, to a variety of locations such as high-rise buildings, hospitals, warehouses, offices, campuses and shopping malls. Global Capacity extends and tests all circuit types - T1; DS1 and DS3; OC3, 12, 48, 96 and 192; Frame Relay; Ethernet; 56K; and more.


Circuit Testing and Turn-up

Once the circuit installation is complete, Global Capacity tests your circuit to ensure that it is working in accordance to mandated industry and Global Capacity specifications. Global Capacity’s Field Services team enables faster, simpler and more reliable connectivity rollout, with services that span from simple CAT5e cable drops to complex runs at single locations or multiple sites.


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