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Market Research & Intelligence

Market intelligence on pricing, addresses, product sets and competition are key assets for growth, impacting the most critical facets of your business - strategic planning, investment strategies, marketing, sales, operations and product delivery. Access to accurate, real-time data sets and analytics translates into more informed business decisions, improved performance and competitive advantages, which become critical in today’s dynamic markets.

The challenge starts with how to get the data, ensure it is comprehensive and accurate, and then how to look at all the data available in a way that enables smarter decision-making. One Marketplace™ users, whether buying or selling, not only gain knowledge of competitive market rates - ensuring they buy and sell more competitively - but are also able to maintain quantitative market information on quote volumes and geographic demand.


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Demand Analysis – Comprehensive analysis of Time-Division Multiplexing (TDM) and Ethernet demand based on network quoting statistics. data includes evaluating demand in buildings, near fiber access points, and over 19,972 Common Language Location Identifier (CLLI) codes, Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSAs) and Local Access and Transport Areas (LATAs).
Pricing Analysis – Insight into pricing data sorted by service segments, markets and speed, including tracking, comparison and analysis of cost for TDM, Ethernet, Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) and Broadband services.
Demand Potential – Intelligence for forecasting demand, identifying next target markets and effectively deploying sales and marketing resources. Global Capacity provides up-to-the-moment data for demand potential and density of target business addresses sorted by service category.
On-Net / Near-Net Building List Generation – Comprehensive on-net and near-net building lists derived from fiber routes, central offices (COs), Core Based Statistical Areas (CBSA) and Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSAs). Customers can use this list to identify the best set of target buildings and achieve profitable market growth.


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