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Cable MSO

After years of supplying network solutions to cable networks, Global Capacity understands the residential and commercial offerings of Cable MSOs – and the connectivity needed to effectively deliver them. The near-ubiquitous reach of Global Capacity’s One Marketplace™ makes it easy for cable customers to extend franchise boundaries and easily connect into multiple carriers and over 2,007 Central Offices (COs) on the Global Capacity network at a competitive price.  

As a trusted off-net partner for Cable MSOs, Global Capacity employs experts in digital voice transport, IP interconnection and off-net connectivity for enterprise, small, and mid-sized business (SMB) networking.  Coupled with our longevity in the market, this allows us to play an integral role in successfully streamlining operations, reducing time to market and decreasing costs for some of the largest Cable MSOs in the industry.  


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Global Media and Technology Solution

Since 2002, we have provided network connectivity to a global media and technology company, including optimizing digital voice transport and key franchise interconnection connectivity for its growing Commercial Service business unit. We continue to be an innovator for the organization, providing tangible results by reducing intervals and network service costs. In addition to the services we provide this organization, Global Capacity also leverages the media and tech giant’s extensive network as part of our One Marketplace platform.

Video, High-Speed Data, and Voice Services Solution

Global Capacity has engaged in multiple network optimization projects with one of the largest providers of video, high-speed data and voice services in the U.S. To support the company’s rapidly growing commercial business unit, our networking experts have worked on multiple transport projects and are delivering on effective interconnection between Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) and Cable MSO switches throughout the organization’s extensive footprint. We also leverage the video, data and voice services provider’s extensive network as part of our One Marketplace platform.


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