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Data Center Connectivity

The industry has seen a fundamental shift in where business applications are sitting, moving from traditional client server architecture and the four walls of the enterprise to third-party data centers. As the new central office, these facilities not only house critical business data and IT infrastructure, but also play an integral role in providing customers with essential connectivity to the locations they need to reach to power daily business operations, including other data centers and carrier hotels, colocation facilities, remote offices, customer locations and the Cloud.

Through One Marketplace™, Global Capacity provides connectivity from 9.6 million commercial addresses in the U.S. to over 2,500 data centers, optimally designed, priced and managed from our online application, the Circuit Lifecycle Manager (CLM). Customers benefit from Global Capacity’s broad network coverage and unmatched transparency into the fragmented access market, enabling them to choose the right connectivity to their data centers. One Marketplace provides secure, reliable and cost-effective access to your data and applications residing in disparate data centers, available through one easy-to-use, automated online interface. Global Capacity also offers access to a full suite of Engineering, Remote Management and Field Services to provide the best network experience and cost within the data center.


One Marketplace provides:

  • A transparent view of how to connect to and from a data center, complete with competitive market rates as well as efficient and effective delivery of that connectivity
  • Automated pricing, ordering and provisioning of multiple access network solutions - reducing the complexity of procuring network services
  • Essential connectivity to and from data centers and carrier hotels, colocation facilities, and end customer locations
  • Access to a full suite of Engineering, Remote Management and Field Services

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