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The ability to execute efficient and secure transactions is essential for the viability of banks and Financial Services institutions. In an industry where even a millisecond of latency can mean millions of dollars lost, today’s trading firms have come to rely on high capacity, low latency network connections to execute their most advanced, high-speed financial transactions. Retail banking operations, on the other hand, leverage connectivity to improve operational efficiency, secure private data and enhance the customer experience. In addition to a network solution that allows them to access and exchange large volumes of sensitive data between headquarters, remote offices and customer sites, today’s banks and Financial Services institutions also require the ability to securely deliver sensitive financial data to off-site storage environments.

Global Capacity provides today’s financial entities with robust, private network solutions via a single interconnection to its One Marketplace™ platform. Our network solutions fulfill the strictest diversity, availability and latency demands of Financial Services customers, providing ubiquitous connectivity to key financial exchanges and data centers housing the institutions’ mission-critical corporate and public financial applications. Furthermore, our Remote Management Services provide customers with real-time, end-to-end network management, including fault and performance management and integrated trouble ticketing and reporting to ensure zero network downtime.



One Marketplace Provides Financial Firms:

  • A highly scalable and agile network infrastructure
  • Proactive and predictive network monitoring and management by expert technical engineers
  • Business continuity built into our diverse, redundant network platform to keep your business functioning 24x7x365
  • Secure network connectivity that protects sensitive data and enables your firm to comply with regulatory requirements
  • Extensive nationwide network reach and ubiquitous coverage to connect remote office locations, third-party data centers, vendors, customers, and partners
  • Enhanced experience for your customers and employees

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Protect Your Sensitive Data

Secure Connectivity Protects Your Key Functions

  • Self-service banking at ATMs
  • Online and mobile banking
  • Retail banking
  • Voice and telephony needs

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