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Network Providers and Carriers

Wholesale service providers are constantly seeking new solutions to meet their customers’ ever-growing demands for connectivity. However, in today’s highly fragmented and complex data connectivity market, no one service provider owns connectivity everywhere. Additionally, as providers place more of their focus on managed services, customer service, business development and service optimization, their networks become less and less of their core business.

Global Capacity serves as a reliable and proven off-net partner for network providers and carriers that enables and drives that critical aspect of their business. Our industry-leading, competitively-priced product and service portfolio spans the likes of standard offerings such as transport and network management as well as more complex services including Ethernet, TDM, and more.


The Power of One Marketplace

One Marketplace enables customers to extend the reach of their existing network footprint by providing ubiquitous access to dozens of networks ranging from large national networks, to regional and local or metro networks, without a requirement to design, contract and manage interconnections with each of them.

One Marketplace:

  • Improves efficiency
  • Reduces costs of buying access networks globally
  • Cost-effectively extends network reach

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