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Professional Services

Reliable networks have become critical in daily operations of Professional Services firms, enabling them to communicate and collaborate with clients and employees in real-time, as well as securely transfer and store sensitive customer data.  Business Process Outsourcing and Legal Services firms depend on Global Capacity’s award-winning One Marketplace™ platform to manage data analytics, streamline communications and provide the best possible services to their customers.


Provide the Best Possible Services for Your Customers

Business Process Outsourcing

Global Capacity One Marketplace delivers reliable, secure network connections, enabling BPOs to seamlessly access content and business-critical applications from any device or location and connect remote office, customer and partner sites to enable seamless communication and collaboration.  Learn More

Legal Services

Law firms and Legal Services companies leverage One Marketplace for secure, cost-effective access, storage and transfer of bandwidth-intensive data, reliable connectivity to customer buildings and access to mission-critical applications, and redundant network infrastructure for business continuity and disaster recovery.  Learn More


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