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Real Estate Connectivity

Today, businesses need to be more of everything: more decentralized, more automated and more efficient, and it all rides on very hard-working connections. At Global Capacity, we’re turning those connections into points of speed, flexibility, reliability and competitive advantage - as buildings get smarter, everything becomes more connected.

Global Capacity offers Connected Building solutions to a variety of properties, including corporate campuses, residential and commercial buildings, retail malls, and more. When moving into a new building, the process of securing IT services could take 30 days or more. Global Capacity can have vital IT services such as WAN and Internet ready on day one.

Leveraging Global Capacity’s One Marketplace™, building owners and management companies can provide tenants with direct connectivity to the Internet, Cloud, as well as high-demand locations, including 2,500+ data centers. These critical connections are vital to supporting the mission-critical needs and enabling the effective operation of today’s data-driven tenants.


A Global Capacity connected building enables management companies to:

  • Increase choice, competitiveness, speed of access and value for their tenants
  • Provide tenants with high-speed connectivity to the Internet, data centers and the Cloud
  • Provide tenants with redundant, efficient access to mission-critical applications and services
  • Differentiate their property and gain an advantage over competitors
  • Reduce cost and increase performance and reliability over last-mile access connectivity
  • Accelerate the transition to “smart” buildings
  • Decrease service turn-up time and simplify the moving and build-out process for tenants

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