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Making Enterprise Branches Agile and Efficient with Software-Defined WAN (SD-WAN).

Today’s enterprise employees in branch offices consume a lot of wide area network (WAN) bandwidth as they increasing use of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and cloud-hosted applications, download large rich-media files, and perform other bandwidth-intensive activities. Just like employees in headquarters, those in branch offices need reliable and high-performance network connections when accessing data and applications in private and public clouds.  Now, businesses can have the best of both worlds — private line quality and Internet economics — with Global Capacity Managed Hybrid Software Defined WAN (SD-WAN) Service. It provides enterprise-grade performance, visibility, and control over hybrid of access services.  WAN traffic is automatically steered across the best service and most-optimal paths. The solution implements concepts from software-defined networking (SDN), designed into its customer-premises equipment (CPE) and cloud service gateways.


Complete WAN Solution For Enterprise

Simplify WAN Development With Managed SD-WAN
  • Bring branch location on line in minutes with zero touch branch Edge devices using cloud activation and management.
  • Automatic selection of route for best direct path eliminates backhauling of WAN traffic for SaaS applications like Oracle, Office365, VoIP and other cloud applications.
  • Unified architecture to scale from one site to 1000s of remote office locations seamlessly.
  • Managed SD-WAN eliminates upfront CAPEX costs.
Leverage Multiple Broadband, Private Network and LTE Links for Best Performance
  • Optimize multiple access links including Broadband, LTE, MPLS and private Ethernet lines into a hybrid, high bandwidth WAN to support critical applications, large data file access and collaboration with voice and video and virtual desktops.
  • High-performance WAN with dynamic multi-path steering and on-demand link remediation for redundancy and business continuity protection.
  • Smart QoS with application-aware classification for 2200+ applications for granular control based on custom business objectives.
  • Enterprise wide monitoring and group policy setting for all sites, ISPs, applications and users
Centralized Management, Control and Policy Enforcement
  • Automatic, single click site-to-site VPN for branch-to-headquarters and direct branch-to-branch traffic.
  • Monitor real-time status and health from the web dashboard.
  • Define your business policies based on application priorities, usage, and security goals.

Global Capacity received finalist award from Leading Lights for Most Innovative SD-WAN Deployment Strategy and Enterprise Service. Click here to read more. 


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Performance is Key

Global Capacity’s selection of VeloCloud™ Networks, Inc., the Cloud-Delivered SD-WAN™ company, was based on a unique set of differentiated advantages that enhance our One Marketplace model by enabling us to further optimize application performance and reliably deliver a variety of services over any combination of network access technology.

  • Dynamic Multi-Path: Packets are steered to the optimal link based on performance metrics, application requirements, business priority of the application, and link cost
  • Forward Error Correction: When real-time traffic (e.g., VOIP) with higher business priority is identified, forward error correction can be performed to reduce or eliminate packet loss. A combination of packet steering and forward error correction reduced voice degradation to less than 1% of the time.
  • Real-time Analytics: A dashboard displays network and application performance that can be used to make traffic control decisions, such as treating real-time interactive and bulk streams differently. The service classifies over 2,300 applications, which enables granular control of applications when optimizing QoS.

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  • Leading Lights Finalist for its SD-WAN deployment strategy and its One Marketplace Hybrid WAN
  • MEF recognizes Global Capacity for its One Marketplace Ethernet Cloud Connect Services
  • Fierce Telecom 2016
  • 2016 Pipeline Innovation Awards Semi-Finalist Pipeline Recognizes the Innovation of Global Capacity’s One Marketplace
  • 2016 Leading Lights Most Innovative SMB Service Award Finalist
  • Global Capacity Named Finalist for Best Network Technology Innovation
  • 2015 Communications Solutions Product of the Year
  • Pipeline 2015 Most Innovative Operator – Wholesale
  • 2014 Communications Solutions Product of the Year
  • Pipeline Innovation Award Finalist 2014
  • Attained a position in the mid-2014 Vertical Systems Group Carrier Ethernet Services Leaderboard Challenge Tier
  • Global Telecom Business 2014 Innovation Award Winner
  • 2014 Light Reading Company of the Year Finalist (Private)
  • 2014 Best Service Innovation
  • 2013 Most Innovative Ethernet Service Finalist
  • 2013 Pipeline Most Innovative Service Provider Finalist
  • MEF Best Wholesale Ethernet Service 2012
  • 2012 Best Technology Partner by Capacity Magazine
  • 2012 Leading Lights Finalist Best New Service or Application (Telecom)