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Small Cell Backhaul

Consumer demand for mobile access to streaming video, social media and web browsing is pushing mobile networks to their limits. Mobile operators turn to small cell technology as a solution to managing this increase in wireless traffic, providing ubiquitous coverage and capacity for bandwidth-intensive applications. By adding access points on top of buildings in public areas, small cells can offer greater bandwidth capacity than their macro counterparts. Small cells can then be coupled with broadband Internet service to extend network capacity, including DSL and Cable.


Benefits of Small Cell Backhaul

  • Access to the largest national broadband network
  • Reduced costs through streamlined provisioning and management of network services and interconnections
  • Access to a wide array of network connectivity services and bandwidth options
  • Automated design and pricing across multiple locations
  • Market intelligence on real-time service provider pricing, demand and supply
  • Insight into available capacity across multiple access networks and geographies

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Features Include

  • Connections from over 1,750 Central Offices (COs) and extended reach to over 4,700 additional COs across 50 markets
  • Streamlined provisioning and management of network services and interconnections
  • Connectivity across a broad range of locations in one metro or multiple metros

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