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Utility Companies

Utility companies continue to use technology to work smarter, create greater cost-efficiency and generate new revenue. Those that leverage network solutions to remotely manage resources and Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communication reduce operational expenses (OPEX), lower outage rates and provide more reliable customer service. Furthermore, the Utility companies that serve rural communities can benefit from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA), which has enabled the use of federal stimulus funds to deploy next-generation optical networks to bring Internet and business connectivity to underserved markets.

Providers who want to remain competitive require network solutions that are both agile and responsive. By improving network connectivity, Utility companies can adapt and respond to new regulations, demand fluctuations, operational improvements and market opportunities. 

Global Capacity has a proven track record for excellence in connecting customers with the best connectivity solutions, such as high-bandwidth network infrastructures, aggregation points and Ethernet connections. Through our award-winning One Marketplace™ platform, we enable Utility companies to better manage demand, distribution and efficiency of services, as well as expand their coverage into underserved locations.


Expand Coverage to Underserved Locations

One Marketplace provides Utility companies:

  • Accelerated delivery and extended coverage – One Marketplace leverages an interconnected network aggregation platform with a suite of innovative user applications combined to streamline and simplify the process of designing, pricing, procuring and delivering data connectivity solutions. We deliver access to 85% of the U.S. market, offering Utility customers options to connect to an even greater range of locations.
  • Real-time market intelligence - Building tomorrow’s network requires up-to-date market intelligence. Through One Marketplace, we provide transparency in our pricing and visibility into available capacity across multiple access technologies and geographies. Our platform provides a central location for the gathering and reporting of market pricing, supply and demand.
  • Connectivity made simple - Less complexity with a single interface for designing, pricing and fulfilling multi-network, multi-geography requirements. Utilities also benefit from a single MSA with uniform terms, conditions and SLAs.
  • Trusted partner and expert - With over 15 years of telecommunications networking experience, combined with an extensive network of relationships with partners and vendors, we partner with Utility companies to devise network strategies and implementation plans that meet their specific connectivity needs.

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